I am Jacob Pieczynski

An up and coming teen web developer


Tribute Page

This was the first project I completed in the FreeCodeCamp curriculum. It is a tribute to my favorite baseball player, Paul Goldschmidt, 6 time NL All-star. This was a fun project to do and a good introduction to web development.

Languages: HTML5, CSS

Survey Page

This page is a small survey asking users how their summer camp was. It shows my knowledge of how to use a form and furthur styling in CSS. There are several different types of input in this form and it easily could get a general view of someone's opinions on their camp.

Languages: HTML5, CSS

Technical Documentation Page

This page was created for the FreeCodeCamp Curriculum. It is a technical documentation page showing the basics of CSS and how it works. This gives an all-around view and introduction to CSS and its intricacies.

Languages: HTML5, CSS

Product Landing Page

The product landing page was another project from the FreeCodeCamp Curriculum. It is a demonstration of a homepage for a design firm, JPDesign. This project was built in about five to ten hours and created completely in CodePen.

Languages used: HTML5, CSS

Power Tower Group

This was a project created for a small wireless charging startup created by a man named Seth Nzum. This was created in a code editor named Brackets in January of 2018. Although the website needs to be updated, it is still clean and precise.

Languages: HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Font Awesome

Conejo Teen Organization

This website is for a California charity, the Conejo Teen Organization. 100% volunteer, I received no compensation for the hours put into it. This took about 20 hours and consists of several pages spanning hundreds of lines of code.

Languages: HTML5, CSS

Lights By Drew

This website was created for a good friend of mine's light hanging business

Languages: HTML5, CSS

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